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Personal History

Hello My name is John Lacontora. I am a 17 year old that lives in New Jersey. I have always love dirtbikes since I was alittle kid. I started riding at 13 years old. But I got serious the last 2 years. In July of 2011 I raced my first race at Atco NJ. As the months have gone past I have improved dramaticlly. As to the point of coming in 2nd place my next to last race and 1st my last race. I have the will and determination to win and succeed at this sport. I am hoping to make this my career for the younger years of my life. Im hoping for your sponsorship to help make my dream become a reallity.

Riding Goals

This year I am going to go to area qualifiers for a chance to go to nationals at Loreto Lynn. I know my expectations are high since I am just starting out BUT I aim high at everything I do and put my heart and soul into everything and this is no exception!!! I have been living and breathing this sport for the last year and Im focused on what I want!!

Competitive Highlights