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Personal History

Hello I’m 23 I previously threw my leg back over a bike last year grew up racing got out of it when my parents split ,but I’m back 100 percent just previously bought a new Honda 250 which I’m about 20 hours on this bike so I’m getting real comfortable on this bike my confidence I’d definitely there now I really don’t get nervous on gate drop I’m real calm which I think that might just be the racer in me 

Riding Goals

I started out in c class it been about 6 years since I’ve been racing and I find my self close to the front of the pack if not leading the race most of the time my body shape is not all the way there but almost lots of progress since I’ve started back. I want to be riding b class by next year no doubt I know I can hang with that class because of College boy class I been riding in to get more seat time I’ve done pretty good in. 

Competitive Highlights

My first race on the new 250 I pulled the whole shot lead ever lap till white flag and got passed by 3 fully support c riders took the 4 place and went back out for another class and got 5 in that one