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Rider Updates

Mar 5 2023

Haven’t done much riding or racing lately. Had some stuff change in life. Started hitting the gym more. I’m going to focus more this year on making videos. Thank you everyone who put your brand behind me it’s greatly appreciated 

Dec 6 2022

Quick update. Haven’t been racing much since my Kawasaki blew up after the 2nd dreamchasers race. I’ve been busy working and saving up money to get a new bottom end put in it so hopefully I’ll get it ready for some indoors soon. Thank you everyone for helping me it’s greatly appreciated 

Apr 30 2022

I raced in Billings today on my 2014 Kawasaki kx450f. I feel like I made a huge improvement since my first race in January. My starts were good but could use some improvement along with some riding techniques. But again I feel very good after a 4 year break. I took 2nd place in the 450B class. This coming weekend May 7th there’s another race in Billings for round 3 that I will be attending. I picked up a 2017 honda crf450r that I think I’m going to take instead of my Kawasaki and give the Honda a run. Thank you!

Mar 14 2022

Race results from 4gmx in rapid city South Dakota. I took 5th in my heat race but I took 13th in my main with like a 10th overall. Had some rear tire issues but I’m picking up a new tire and tube Friday. The track was really fun and I encouraged you if you’ve got the time to go check it out it was a blast. Thank you everyone for making racing possible

Mar 10 2022

Headed to 4GMX in rapid city SD Friday for the race Saturday. Racing 450B. Looking forward to the warmer days coming next week to get some more bike time. Thank you everyone!

Jan 26 2022

Finished the first round of dreamchasers racing in Billings mt with an overall 5th position. I’d say I didn’t do too bad for not hardly riding in the last 5 years. Thank you everyone for supporting me! I’ll be headed to 4GMX February 12th to get more seat time

Jan 9 2022

Big news this month! The city over from me has started a new supercross series starting January 22nd. I’m signed up for the whole series and I’ll be racing 450B this year. Thank you everyone! You’ve given me the opportunity to get back into riding and racing!

Nov 23 2021

I haven’t been able to do much riding since I got my kx450f back, I’m still working some kinks out in it. However I am getting ready to rebuild my 2007 crf250r from the ground up. The indoor season doesn’t have much going on around me yet but I will keep it posted when I do go. Thank you to everyone that supports me

Sep 20 2021

Got my bike back from the shop finally and got to get back on it and ride this weekend. Felt good to get back on my own bike. Added some pictures from this weekend. Still have some little things to do on the bike before it’s ready to start racing

Aug 5 2021

After dropping my bike off at a shop in late February I am just now getting it back. Had the engine gone through and suspension gone through and updated with a race tech gold valve kit. Check out my Instagram for riding updates. I will be going to some arenacross races and indoor motocross races this winter season. Thank you all for being patient and sticking with me. It’s been a long journey to get everything back into gear and rolling but as they always say slow is smooth and smooth is fast