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Personal History

Started riding when I was ten. Never had money to have a modern bike or the coolest gear with fancy parts. I personally feel I care about the dirtbike community more than some of these pro riders for more reasons than one. Ever since I was a kid all I wanted to do was ride. Even before I had a dirtbike. I understand I'm not the only person who feels this way and many many other kids growing up sharing this emotion and that's why I don't forget that fact, and always go around to local riding spots building new hits, maintaining lips and filling in ruts so everyone had cool hits to jump and just have a good time with friends and family because at the end of the day; that's all its about...I've also realized I don't share these feelings because I've noticed lots of people in this community are secretive and don't share where the good riding spots are which I think it's a bit selfish but maybe it's because of what I said previously. Not many people are about outside community. Only inside and I don't believe in that. I'm about giving back as much as i can but building jumps in the hills is all I got!!

Riding Goals

I've never been into racing because I never had the money to go to the track all the time. Now that I'm older and pay for my own shit I want to get onto racing and I honestly think I would do alright for a couple reasons. Firstly when I ride out in the hills and meet people who do race and are all sponsored up, I quickly realize a lot of the times I'm at a higher skill level than them. I know racing and hills are two way different terrains but at the end of day you learn techniques to avoid problems no matter where you ride. I'm not saying I'm better than every rider I've met, no quite the contrary. Just speaking about a few or more instances. Basically I want to get into riding track and racing and maybe win a few trophies. That's my goal for now.

Competitive Highlights

Never been into competition but I can build a mean line with my trusty fiberglass 5 1/4 titanium shovel!