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Rider Updates

Nov 10 2014

Second ride hit one hit and the whole clutch goes up, cable is completely too lose. The actuator is pointing at a 90 degree angle the backwards way!!!! Take it to my mechanic and thank god only the pushrod was broke...never ends it seems

Nov 5 2014

First ride on the new bike and something doesn't feel right with the clutch. Doesn't fully disengage so I tighten up the cable and go home.

Nov 5 2014

Bought a 1996 yz250 completely rebuilt bottom, top, new crank. Runs great love it compared to my old 125. Wish I could have gotten a newer year I'm just a broke ass'll do though!

Oct 29 2014

Bought a 1999 yz250. Blew it up first ride top end damaged the head so I sold it to a salvage yards for 50 dollars more than I paid! !!

Oct 27 2014

Sold the bike I've had since I was 12. 06 cr125! It was Completely trashed so I had to let her go for 700 dollars. Never blew it up though always took care of the motor..exterior not so much never had money to buy anything to keep it looking nice