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Personal History

(written on November 16, 2009)My name is Jonathon Lindback. I am 15 years old and live in Tavernier, Florida. Motocross is my favorite sport and has been since I first saw a race, so lets start from there. When I was 8 years old, my dad insisted on taking me and my brother to see a local race. Ever since then, I have been hooked on motocross. About a month after the race, my dad got me a little 50cc Honda because all I could talk about was the race we saw. We would go to the track every now and then when we could, but I still advanced very quickly. Within 3 months, I got my brother's old 110(he got a 65). Then, after about 4 months on that bike, I got a Kawasaki 65cc. I was getting better and better every time I went to the track. I started doing acouple local races, but in 2004, when I was ten, I joined the Florida Motocross Series(even though I was acouple races late). But even with that disadvantage, I ended up getting third overall in both my classes(65cc 10-11/65cc open). After that, I started taking riding seriously and went to the track as much as possible(only once, sometimes twice, a week because of the fact that I live in the Keys and the closest track was 3 and a half hours away). By the time the 2005 series came, I was ready. I ended up getting first overall in both classes, and was even getting ready for the 85cc class. I was getting to every race I could, even if it meant doing a race in a series I wasn't even in(I needed publicity for sponsors). After the 2005 Florida Motocross Series, I quit riding completely. Why? I was dumb and thought weekends at home were better than riding. About a year ago, I realized how dumb I was and that I could have actually gone somewhere with racing. Since then, I have been saving up money for a bike and gear. About 3 months ago, I finally got everything and was ready for the track. The first time I went to the track, I had an old racing friend meet me there. He was giving me acouple pointers since it has been 4 years since I was last on a dirt bike. I picked it up very quickly and was impressing everyone who knew that it was my first day riding. Yesterday, my sixth day riding, I went to the track and saw a kid I used to race with and haven't seen since '05. We decided to time our laps. His fastest lap was a 2 minute 9 second lap, mine was a 2 minute 17 second. Did I mention that he was riding a modified Kawasaki 450 while I was on my stock KTM 250f? Oh, by the way, he qualified for Loretta Lynn's.

Riding Goals

Now that I have my bike and everything, I want to start racing. But, for some reason, my dad doesn't want me to start actually racing until I am up to the 250 B class. I don't mind this much because, at the rate I'm going, I will be in the B class by next season(when I am hoping to join a series). I am already beating almost all of the C riders that I have ridden with so it won't be long.