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Rider Updates

Jun 16 2010

Last weekend I went to a FTR series race at Waldo mx and I got 1st in the 250C class and 2nd in the 'youth 16-24' class.

May 26 2010

So my first race that I did awhile ago wasnt as good as expected... I ended up 9th out of 30 overall. But this recent weekend I went to my second race. I didnt even get to practice on saturday because my dad couldnt take me up then, but I did great racing. Both motos I almost got holeshot(I was literally on the leaders back tire around the corner). The first moto I was running 4th the whole time until I wiped out on my last lap. I ended up getting 11th out of 17 but my second moto I bounced back and finished 3rd! My dad got pictures of the gate drops so I will be posting them soon.

Apr 8 2010

This weekend I am doing my first race since I quit in '05. I don't know what class I'm going to race in, but since I haven't raced in 5 years, I think I'm going to race in the 250 C class. This race is mainly just for me to get the experience of a race. After this race it might be a while until I race again(depending on how good I do), because my dad wants me to race in the 250 B class. It shouldn't be long until then, because even though I can only go to the track every other weekend or so(because of how far away they are), I have been doing alot of training. I've been intensely working out every day, and staying on a good diet. I can't wait for this weekend!