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Personal History

Hi my name is Jordan i am 17 years old and currently living in the UK. I am on my first year studying a Level 3 Drum diploma at one of the worlds leading Music industry campuses which is the  Academy of Contemporary Music. Music is not something i would particularly like to do as a career , Motocross is my true passion, having to think about what you want to do as a future and thinking of what to get a masters degree in, is one of the hardest choices for me, i want to dedicate myself to riding and achieving what i really want in life, which is training to my limit , work hard at it until i get there. Racing is what i pride in, It is a great feeling to be at the gate and know how good everyone else beside you is but knowing also that mentally you are strong and you are going to fight there talent and get yourself better at what you do, which makes you a stronger rider and builds your confidence up, building technique and mental and also physical  strength is so key within this sport. It is great to have such nice people around at race meets and practise, getting along with everyone, also the younger riders like to ask for riding tips and i can explain some riding positions and techniques that they can work on so they can control there bike so much better and get better and better through out practising. It's good to be looked up to its a great feeling. 

At this moment in time i am funding everything myself with my bike, kit and also racing. Not so long ago i had to take time off riding for around 7 months due to a collar bone brake but i did take the time to save as much money as possible to get all new parts on my bike such as wheels , tyres, cables, filters, levers, seat, graphics and also thought i would be creative and planned out a way to mod 2015 plastics to my bike, which ended up being alot of hard work and effort but so worth it in the end. Pictures and also a GoPro vid can be found on my profile:) But as im fit to ride now i have been out there practising as much as possible , getting my techniques right, getting the feel and doing suspension adjustments getting it set up to a comfortable level.  I will be attending  the championship next season which i am really stoked for as i started it this year but bike blew up which resulted in me not getting an overall result.

Riding Goals

My riding goals for the future, having to improve and keep working hard to where i want to be. My goal would be to work up to ride with a team and be a team rider for a company and make them proud to have me as a rider. To one day make it to the MXGP and enter EMX250's and work my way up to the MX2 and hopefully within the future have a career working with a manufacturer for the 450 MXGP championship. It seems like a long way but we all have to start somewhere and nothing is impossible, all the possibilities and i am willing to work to life's limits to get to get to where i wanna be in life, which is to be in this industry.   

Competitive Highlights

Getting top 5 Holeshot 

Coming back from 7 months off & succeeding the best I can