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Personal History

My name is Jordan Colchin and I'm 16 years old. I am from Golden, Colorado and motocross is my passion. I've been riding since i was 4 years old and 2008 was my first racing season. I currently attend Wheat Ridge High School and have maintained a grade point average of 3.56. I am extremely dedicated  to my motocross career and will do almost anything to achieve my goal of qualifying for an AMA Motocross event. Motocross is an expensive sport and I need all of the help that I can get. I take my motocross racing seriously, but I love to race and ride. I want to be able to promote a motocross company. I will promote the company in every way possible. My 2008 season was cut short because of a broken wrist in a section of doubles at Valley Dirt Riders on the last lap of the first moto. After I got my cast off, I came back for the last two races of the 2008 season. I ride a 2003 KTM 125sx and I am currently not sponsored by anyone. I can't ride every day of the week so I do physical training 5 days a week. Usually I practice once or twice on the weekends. I also take notes and study the riding techniques of others and what I do during my races and how I can improve. I run for an hour everyother day and lift weights every day to train for the upcoming motocross season. I want to be able to tell people what kind and where to get MX products and be able to vouch for that company.

Riding Goals

My goals for next year are to attend all of the RMXA(Rocky Mountain Motocross  Association) events and race in 250 C and Open C and try to finish in the top ten in the championship. Also, I want to holeshot a few motos like I did in the first season. Also, I want to be able to hand out stickers because of a sponsorship that I have recieved. I also want to achieve a few podium finishes throughout the year.

Competitive Highlights

My best race was at Two Rivers Racing in Miliken, Colorado on 8/16/09. It was a District 25 race and I was racing in the 250 C class. In moto 1, I got seventh in the hole-shot and was riding very well. There was a right handed corner that was off camber and had a big bank on the inside of the corner. I took the very inside line and clipped the bank with my foot peg. I crashed, but only lost one position. There were 31 riders in 250 C and in moto 1 I finished 12th. In moto 2, I got almost the exact same start as the first moto with a seventh place in the hole-shot. I was riding very well and there was no one within 7 seconds of me. The only problem was that that the riders ahead of me were pulling away quickly. I held on for eleventh place in moto 2 for a 9th overall. I was super pumped because it was my first top ten finish in a District 25 race.