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Personal History

Ever since I was little I had a strong interest in motorbikes. And I've only been riding for 3 years now and I wouldn't say I'm the best rider because I'm far from it. But I always try my hardest when riding and never give up until I can't do it any more, which I think is a good thing. I used to play hockey and I was pretty good at that and I even made the tasmainan hockey squad in under 13, but I stopped playing hockey because I Had a better connection with motorbike riding, and I have only been racing for 2 years now at the Tasmainan endurance riding club and would like to become a competitive rider in my class. I started riding on a Kawasaki klx140l which gave me a lot of skills from riding in the bush. So I decided to give racing a try and went pretty good finishing in the top 6 overall. The bike I'm on now is a 2007 Yamaha yz250f I've only had the bike for 5 months and I feel like a whole lot better on it than my other one, I've only had 1 race on it and went alright for my first race in a competitive class. 

Riding Goals

With my racing this year my main goals are to be able to finish in the top 6

in terc which is grass track racing and enduros apround the northern end of tasmaina. This is only my second year racing motorbikes so I've still got some skills to learn on the bike, but I would like to take my racing this year to the next level by working harder on and off the bike and being more competitive in the races. And I'm going to start training between the races to become a stronger and fitter rider.

Competitive Highlights

In my first year of racing which was last year, I thought I was a competitive rider in the enduros and grass track because I was finishing nearly every race in the top 6 in the grass tracks, and around the top 4 in the enduros. The first enduro that I had done I came 1st which was a 2 and a half hour race which was quick hard on your body.