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Personal History

I am ninteen years old.  I have been racing since i was approximatly eight years old.  When I was younger and I was riding in the car and I would see a bike in the back of a pick up, I was the kid hanging out the window fascinated with the bike and the guy driving, because in my opinion he was the cololest guy on earth.  I have always had a pasion for motocross and i plan to race the rest of my life.  I currently work at a car dealership in a small town south of Buffalo, NY called Springville, my hometown.  During the winter months I like to snowboard and ride my snowmobile.  I love riding anything with a motor!  I also go to the gym and train 5 days a week.  I do this to build up endurance and strength for the moto.  I typically ride three to four times a week weather depending.  I currently race in the 250 and 450 novice class.  I typically finish top five in the 250 class and about the same in the 450 class.  I only have a 250f so in the 450 class I tend to lose a few seconds in certain ssections that the 450's have an advantage on.  I am interested in sponsorship because i have interest in companies and would like to excel in motocross.

Riding Goals

For the coming year i would like to come back from the offseason stronger and faster than ever, as all riders do.  I plan to really focus at the gym over winter and gain some muscle weight.  Next year i hope to gain enough points in the series to advance to to ametuer class.  I also hope to finish at the top of my class in points and win some series.

Competitive Highlights

Every race I complete with no injuries is a highlight for me.  getting wholeshots and carrying the momentum throughout the race is a highlight for me and I did that in many races.  All top five races are highlights of my career but I am still seeking a win.