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Personal History

Clearing the 100 ft table top on a KX65 at 7 yrs old... NO problem.  The one definitive thing in life I can recall is wanting to compete in dirt bike riding. This desire started at 3 years old. I rode my first KTM 65 and KX65 in competition at  6 yrs old. I then moved up to a 85 and now 250. I have played football for Grant County for 2 years and my academics are in good standing, with a firm grade point average of 3.0. Due to having our own privately owned tracks, and the group of 4 fellow riders are able to practice regularly.

Motocross is an off-road circuit where all riders line up alongside one another and simultaneously race to a certain distance. (1 lap is commonly a quarter mile) The first racer across the finish line is the winner of the "moto". The number of motos vary and points are added up to determine a final winner.   

The difference between champions and just another fast rider includes devotions: riding technique (PRACTICE,PRACTICE PRACTICE), athletic training (weight lifting and football helps with this), mental training and development (focusing on the cause not effect), and diet.                                                                                                                                             The 2010 racing season I took off to play football I had made a few races that year and practiced 3 days a week. 2011 I had made a few more races

 Past Racing Achievements: 9/13/09 My first ever 250 lites c race finished 8th out of 26 riders. 2010 I raced a few Tri County Ford Momentum Series finished 13th overall in lites c and 7th overall in school boy . The Kentuckiana Champion seires 2011 round 9 lites c 3rd , Round 13 lites c 2nd ,Round 15 schoolboy 2nd  open c 4th, Finals day 1 schoolboy 2nd  lites c 6th , Finals day 2 schoolboy 6th lites c 7th 

2011 Race season-Supercross and motocross CRF250 4 stroke  Lites C and Schoolboy.

2012 Season Agenda and Info- I will be competing locally as well as Statewide. Race report updates will be gathered after each race. Periodic status updates, at least monthly, will be communicated via email to sponsors unless preference is through phone calls or face to face. I will be sure to be displaying your business/product name on our trailer, pit tent, gear, and CRF 250 bike. I will be running lites C ,schoolboy and some open C .Also I will be going to try to qualify for regionals. 

What Support are you requesting? Through your product support, I will be able to promote and increase merchandise awareness within the racing social network.  Industries are always looking for honesty and ways improve within the market through gathered constructive feedback. I would be open and grateful to receive suggestions on how I could  promote your company to the fullest and achieve any goals you may set.