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Personal History

I'm Joey gratzer out of Bonney lake wa, currently working construction full time to support the sport I love. Basically my overview from riding is I started out in 2001 on my pw50 racing locally near my house. I began winning a lot of races and would always get into top 3 riders, not to mention a lot of holeshots. As I I grew up I raced ktm 50sx, cobra 50, ktm 65sx, yz85. My parents helped out tremendously and couldn't have been more active in this sport. As 2007 came around I was leading  Both pacific raceways, and oakwood series with points, I had the most holeshots and was really taking this sport serious at this point. My parents got divorced that year in the middle of the series and had to drop it and walk away due to financial problem, because my parents split up. I've always loved this sport and been pretty good at it, I picked up a fresh 2015 crf250r last year from Brian Barnes and started racing locally again, I want to grow in the sport now that I can support myself with the job I have. I now have a 2016 kx250f that I just picked up through motorsports again, and getting ready for the 2017 season. I am a Class B rider(intermediate) in 250 class, and sometimes I'll race open b to test my skills.

Riding Goals

My goals as a rider to to expand every year on new riding skills and do nothing else but set higher goals each year. By start of 2019 season I want to compete nationally along with riding in the pro classes and able to podium atleast. It will not be easy but I will put in the work to do so, I just need support.

Competitive Highlights

Oakwood arenacross series 1st, pacific Friday night series at pacific raceway 1st, puyallup  arenacross 1st, stump jumpers series, list goes on from their. That was my series I lead in points when I was younger now getting back into it and looking for more help!