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Personal History

I am a naturally competitive person.  Racing allows me a great outlet to push myself to my maximum ability and continuously strive for greater achievements.  I love the thrill of racing through the desert at maximum speeds or flying 100 feet through the air.  Racing bikes is in my blood and I just can’t get enough of it.  Known locally in Las Vegas as “Jumpin’ Joe Martin” my name has become synonymous with racing.  I bring genuine enthusiasm and a love for racing to all venues and will put nothing less then my heart and soul in the promotion of your sponsorship.

Riding Goals

In 2012 I hope to place top 3 in AMA District 3 twenty-eight race series in the +30B class, witch I was able to do in 2011. Along with multi national and local showings .  I continously strive to improve my skills and push myself to achieve my goals.  When not racing you can usually find me on the sidelines chearing enthusiastically for my fellow racers. 

Competitive Highlights

I started racing about 5 years ago. Right away I was taken by the rush of the sport.  I was a natural at it and found myself improving rapidly.  At the local track I was competing with guys that have been riding for 10-20 years and found myself riding faster, jumping further and gaining top finishing positions.  My first National Race was the World Mini GP in Las Vegas in  April 2008.  It was the first time I had seen a full gate start. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life and I ended up finishing 7th overall in the 30+ class.  I also was able to secure the 1st and 2nd place overall finishes in the Southern Nevada Motocross Spring and Fall Series in 2008.  One of my favorite races of all time had to be the Summer Classic National at Unadilla in August 2009.  The track was different then anything in Nevada and I had a blast racing there.  I finished 17th overall in the 30+ class.Then in 2011 my greatest competitive highlight came in the form of a year end  2nd place in the district 3  +30B