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Personal History

 I was born early. I had underdeveloped lungs and spent the first couple of days of my new life under a tent. As I got older I had to use a breathing machine at night. As I grew my lungs became normal.  Now I have no issues with my lungs. I was also born with hip problems. I basically had no Hip Sockets. I wore some sort of brace from the time I was born to the time I was at the age for walking. The Doctors were not sure if I was going to be able to walk. When I did start walking I had what they call twisted shins. But with all the hard work from my Doctors and my parents here I am racing and winning on my motorcycle. I can walk and run just like all my buddies with no problems. And my legs, hips, and shins are all normal now.

At the age of 3 I started riding a BMX bike without training wheels. At the age of 4 my parents bought me my first motorcycle... A PW 50, which I rode alot. My dad would always say I used more gas  than our tractor did. At the age of 5 I started racing. After my first race my parents bought me a KTM 50 sx pro jr. My dad said it was time. I was jumping too high and he was afraid I was going to break the PW and get hurt. But now I am jumping real high and riding fast on the Ktm and Keep breaking stuff and my dad said it is time again. Now at the age of 6 my parents are getting me a Lem 50cc R3. Also this is my first year racing BMX bikes locally, on the off weekends from motocross racing. I love to ride both my BMX bike and motocross bike. If I am not on one I am on the other. I practice as much as I can. I really Sleep, Eat, Play, Talk and dream Motocross. I have Motocross everything. I will not even wear anything But a shirt that has some kind of Motocross thing on it. It drives both of my parents Crazy. Sometimes they even get mad at me for it. I also have some kind of MX hat on my head at all times. I even sometimes get in trouble at school for having it on all the time.  Right now it is a KTM hat, but it is time for a new one. I now have (wear) a mohawk on my helmet. It is bright orange like my KTM. My mom and dad say it makes it easy to see where I am on the track during a race. I just love mohawks. I want a real one but my mom says no. I guess this will have to do. I have a bunch of favorite pro racers. I even like the freestyle guys. My favorite is Twitch. I also like Travis P. My parents take me to watch them when the are close to our house.We drive all over New England to different tracks and sleep in our Trailer. I have fun Hanging with all my racing buds we have alot of fun. I raced my first big race this year. I did the New england Regional Championship. I had a blast and can't wait for that race next year. I have an Older sister. She plays other sports. She plays Volleyball and she is one of the best servers on her high school team. She tells me that she is very proud of me and Brags to everyone about me. She has pictures of me all over the place. But she also says all the time that she is jealous of all my trophies. But she still loves me and she comes to as-many of my races as she can. She also has a job. and can't always make my races. 

Riding Goals

For the 2009 Race season I plan to grow as a racer. Be as competitive as I can at all times. Excercise my body and mind. And always try to eat healthy. I hope to keep learning new things in Mx and riding, as well as everyday life. Make some new friends and race at some new tracks. My parents and I will represent any and all of my sponsors with the utmost professionalism at all times and promote the companies products as much as we can.  I will be racing the 2009 Regional Championship again. We also want to race the Loretta Lynn Qualifiers at Southwick this year. I will be racing on my new 50cc R3 for the complete 2009 NEMA schedule. And the most important thing is to have fun , enjoy life, and do well in school.

Competitive Highlights

Winning my first race ever at Hemonds in the MUD. The mud claimed a lot of bikes and motors.... it was bad!!

All the trophies I won this year. 1st, 2nd,and 3rds and the 2008 Championship #1 plate

Making a friendly bet with my biggest competition for a Dr. Pepper then winning and getting the Dr.Pepper! (and giving him a root beer in exchange!)

Wining the hole shot and getting five bucks from my dad for the hole shot award. I think I made around $40 this year. I am going for $100 next year!

Winning the Championship in our club for the 2008 season

Racing the New england Regional Championship and holding my own with a bone stock Pro Jr racing in a Mod class with King Cobras and Pro Seniors.

Racing as hard and as fast as I do with all my friends. Sometimes winning, sometimes getting beat but always giving and getting a High five in the end. Then meeting all of them in the sand pile after we race to play with our toy dirt bikes.