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Personal History

I am 10 years old and have had a passion for motocross since i was very young. I started out riding quads and my parents told me they would buy me a dirtbike if I learned to ride a bicycle. I removed my training wheels  and started riding that day. Soon after i was on my first dirtbike and would just ride around the yard and local trails   My parents used to take to me local races and it was at that point i knew that i wanted to race. I have played multiple team sports (basketball, flag football, soccer) and none have been as fulfilling as motocross. It has taught me so much about keeping myself in shape. my equipment in shape but it has also taught me about being a good peer to my fellow riders and respecting each others capabilities. 


Riding Goals

To perfect my form and improve and make consistent lap times week on week. Since starting racing my lap time has improved from 2:52 to my best of 1:51. I hope to work on form to achieve consistent lap times in the 1:40's

Competitive Highlights

improved lap time by over 1:00

Consistent top 5 finishes in current series