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Rider Updates

Nov 22 2018

Another season has came and gone. I had an awesome year with a lot of great rides. I came up a little short in a couple classes but overall a great year. My first year in Vet A was a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun to race against new people. The Millville Amateur Day was a lot of fun. I ended up with my highest finish there ever 3rd in Vet A. Overall I ended up 3rd in Vet A and 6th in +25A in AMA District 23 points. I had a lot of fun racing our local Little Falls Friday Night Series finishing 1st in Open A and 2nd in Vet A. Also had a lot of good times in Central MN MX Series with Motocity. I ended up finishing 1st in Vet A and 3rd in +25A. I couldn’t do it without all my great sponsors. Thanks for another awesome year. I am excited for the upcoming 2019 season I can’t wait! Thanks again.

Oct 26 2016

Hey another season in the books already. I ended up top 10 in both Open A and +25A in the AMA District 23 series. I was hoping to to a little better but I injured my finger the first weekend in September. And I missed the last 4 races. I raced a few fair races and a couple Little Falls Friday night races. I went down and raced the amateur day at the Millville National. I got 9th overall bad starts both races really held me back. Overall it was a good year. I felt really good on the bike and am very excited for next year. I can't thank my sponsors enough!!! I wouldn't be where I am without them. Thanks for the support and hopefully we can carry it on into next year. Thanks again.

Jun 5 2014

Hey the 2014 has finally started. I got a new bike this year and it is amazing. I really feel comfortable on it and can't wait to ride again. I got kind of a late start due mainly to weather. I am hoping for an awesome summer to come though.

Jan 1 2014

The 2013 season has already came and gone. It went by really fast didn't get to race a lot for multiple reasons. Did get to race the Millville Amatuer Day which was a lot of fun perfect track conditions both days. I did well in the first race past half a dozen guys to take 9th. Every race after that I crashed in so that set my overalls back but my speed was much improved from last year. Overall I feel like I have continued to feel faster and more comfortable then last year. Next year I hope to race a lot more where ever I can. I want to say thanks to all my sponsors for all their support and hope to stick with them and bring them a better 2014 Season. Thanks again.

Jan 20 2013

Another season in the books had a lot of fun throughout 2012. Raced 15 AMA District 23 events, a hand full of Friday Night local races. And the Donny Schmit Memorial amatuer day race down at the Millville National finished 21st overall. Overall had a really good season finishing 3rd in 14-24A and 5th in OpenA in the District 23 Series. Learned a few things gained more confindence and speed. Can't wait for the 2013 season to begin. Excited to be racing a new class the +25A.

Nov 4 2010

The 2010 season has already come to an end. I ended up finishing 2nd in 14-24A and 11th in OpenA racing a total of 15 district races. I was a good season for me felt a lot more comfortable and faster by the end of the year. Can't wait for next year. With the gained experience in the highly competitve A class next year should hopefully be a little easier getting to the top.