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Personal History

 My name is Joshua Basanese. My passion is hitting the track for fun and for a competition. I practice EVERYDAY, weather permitting(which it usually is over here in California), and try to race as often as there is a race within a 100 mile vicinity. My main means of practice is a motocross track in my back yard that my friend built for me with his frontloader. My main means of racing comes from whatever club is racing a series nearby. I ride with a few buddies up at a local park (Hollister Hills) and at Metcalf motorcycle park as well, these are the two main tracks that i visit, but on a daily I ride continually on my 5 acre ranch where I train hard outriding even the fastest of my buddies. I do however undrerstand that in order to make it big I am going to need to put in an enormous effort, which I have decided officially to put fourth as of February 25th of 2010. I started by watching what I eat, lifting weights for about 30 minutes a night, riding my mountain bike 4 miles perday and above all riding at least two 20 minute moto's of hard timed riding. I usually have my buddy out there giving me times on a pit board but if he's not there I just ride hard until I'm tired and then call it good. This is a brief overview of my career on the track and I hope to be putting up some #1 results soon!!!

Riding Goals

     My goals for 2010 consist mostly of Moto-Cross and doing well in school. I really love riding and more importantly racing, but I also care about taking responsability for my career and my acedemics. My main moto-cross goal is to move up to the 250 class and get a few series titles under my belt. Another goal is to get some more sponsors to back me up in my riding and give me support. My riding career is deffrinately going somewhere, I practice all the time and if I'm injured thats ok I then just work on my bike. More of my Moto-Cross related goal include riding a little more aggressively, not being afraid to show that guy (or girl sometimes) the wheel and let em' know I'm serious. I've been practicing this with my RM-Z 250F on a local Mini's track against kids ages 8 and under..haha just kidding. I have been training with friends who won't mind me experimenting passes on them so hopefully this more aggressive riding style will get me up front faster and able to rep the sponsors!!!

Competitive Highlights

     Since I have raced only one series my highlights are a little dull. But, I can say that for my first season out there I did fairly well, seeing as though I didn't know that there were two moto's and left the first four race early thus giving me a DNF in four of the over-alls.  Even after this I managed to squeeze out a 7th place finish in the 85 class. I believe that my best finish was a 5th place overall and that was after a brutal crash in the second moto. I was a very consistent finisher though I never placed out of the top ten in a race and still havent(excluding the ones I left early at). I am working super hard to find more races and recover from this injury so expect some better highlights soon!!! Alright, here are some more highlights, as a rider I was forced to take a break of roughly 8 months due to some money problems and other issues, however, now I'm back and I'm ready to head straight to the top step of the podium,  I'm still a little low on funds so I'm currently riding a 2001 YZ 125 and racing it in some future races in a series in the area, but after the summer I plan on buying a 250f and hitting the tracks with heavy aggression and some major speed. I've trained so hard that it's a problem hitting the track daily rain or shine goin through tons of tear offs and a whole lotta air filters (not a prob thanks to Twin Air!) and I will continue racing until I have reached the pro level and I will then go from there. I will fill you all in on my results A.S.A.P.