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Personal History

First and foremost, I did not grow up racing. I’ve only been riding a dirt bike for 3 years now. For my son’s 5th birthday we bought him a CRF50 and once he started riding, it looked like so much fun I bought myself a bike too. I’m the kind of person that gets OBSESSED with things and play riding quickly turned into racing. We sold our beautiful home in town and bought acreage out in the country so I could build a track for my kids and I. We currently have a massive home track that attracts numerous friends and racers to our place to practice and ride. It’s because I have daily access to riding that my skill set has advanced at an astronomical pace. I love this sport and I love that I always get to learn new things. My drive and desire to become better today than yesterday has put me in a pretty unique position. Three years ago I was struggling to finish a race without wrecking and now I’m not only racing with ex pros, but sometimes beating them! My son and I race as much as my wife and two young daughters will let us. This sport has brought our entire family together and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Riding Goals

We raced primarily Supercross this summer and we’d like to also race some motocross next summer as well. My goal is always to finish on or near the podium, stay healthy, ride smooth, and go fast. I want to chase a championship in moto and supercross series next year.

Competitive Highlights

2019 Motokazie Supercross Vet +30 series champion (HUGE accomplishment for myself)

2018/2019 Cedar Lake Arena winter series Vet +30 6th overall (top 5 are all ex- pro racers)