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Personal History

I'm a vet rider, been riding since 4yrs old. Grew up riding/racing locally and still do. Use to race the bigger gold cup series. Now I'm a husband and father and race about 5-10 times a yr. Ride every other weekend. My dad grew up riding and racing. I grew up riding with him before I could even walk so it's in my blood basically. Done it on my dad's and my own dime for the last 13yrs and a little help would go a long way sometimes to make it to the next race.

Riding Goals

My goals are not very high I guess you could say.. My goal is always to finish first in any race I enter or to always do my best at least! I'm just a weekend warrior and race FL and GA tracks. I workout 4-5 times a week to always improve my weekend riding/racing!

Competitive Highlights

Top 3 guy on most weekends at local level races.