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Rider Updates

Oct 26 2020

Fight through the trials,

I had to practice on my buddy's tC125 Saturday, I was truly worried about blowing up my dudes race bike... You ask why?    My Husky let go on me, I was riding the sands the day After the Ryan Hughes training the weekend prior and.... Bam stock cam chain tensioner went out and chain slap in top 5th broke the intake valve rocker arm!  

I am Grateful to have so much  moto family , the owner of Tulie Mx let me race his brand new Ktm450sxf. My my second motos I had settled in with his machine even pulled a holeshot and recieved the BobbyJs holeshot award on my last moto of 6.   Rode hard and smart at about 85% ( that borrowed bike was so so clean haha) UGR 

Oct 17 2020

This weekend! 
Ryan "Ryno Power" Hughes 

2 full day lessons with he man.   

I hope to completely transform as a rider after this weekend.



Sep 20 2020

Rode 130 + miles.

5 loops ( 1st with same water in mouth  from start to finish) 

No sitting. Average about 34 min loops.  

Sep 16 2020

I am on a 2018 Husqvarna FC450 now.   I am loving every minute of it. First two days out 7.2 hours on her with an 83 min moto to empty tank.  This bike is a dream.   
Let's get the ticket to Lorettas !!! 

Aug 9 2020

Well the 250 let go this morning after alot of 20 Min motos in the heat training yesterday at Cycleranch.  I'll get her going soon and get back in the seat.  

Jul 29 2020

Had an amazing weekend learning this bike and allowing it do do its job by putting myself on perfect body positions and work on flow and hitting my marks.   No holeshots but they are coming.  I'm working my ass off

Jul 10 2020

Feeling great in this new bike 2007 RM250.  Once I get some seat time and work out the kinks of this suspension set up the podiums WILL start coming.  I have having a blast racing this dirtbike.  Ready to go to war

Apr 26 2020

Loving my 2000 RM250 ,  it’s taking me back to the fundamentals and I am riding the smoothest and having the most fun I have had I a while !  

Apr 26 2020

Loving my 2000 RM250 ,  it’s taking me back to the fundamentals and I am riding the smoothest and having the most fun I have had I a while !  

Mar 6 2020

Recently picked up a 2000 RM 250.   I have never ridden or raced a Suzuki and the moment I let the clutch out this bike felt like <mine> I love the ergonomics of the front end.   This thing EATS!!

Jun 30 2019

Currently doing a dream build on a 98 CR 250 ;  more racing coming in the upcoming weeks.  


Mar 9 2018

Woo-hoo!!!   It's finally here!  Race weekend after I have been putting in work I am ready.  

Mar 6 2018

I have really been feeling the flow lately.   Probably have rode 8 out of the last 12 days.  Just getting that seat time enjoying what I do again; re focusing on what I want to accomplish.  I hope to win both the 25+ A and the Over 30 A class.  For tulie MX and the NM State Series.

Feb 2 2018

Over this past year I have been training and working with younger riders to increase there bike skills and race craft and seeing them successful had gotten me through the year of not being able to ride. I couldnt be more proud of my little guys and more impressed with there increased speed and style.

Feb 2 2018

Well I'm back after my almost career ending injury.   After 3 surgeries and a year of non weight bearing I am walking around with a cane and have been racing!!!  I am even performing very well winning races and even have a race this weekend that I hope I will also win this weekend!   Wish me luck! 

Jan 19 2017

Well bummer this last weekends race got canceled due to to much rain the track was under water was looking forward to adding to my points lead I have no intention of letting my lead go. I was dialed in practice week during testing and all weekend.   

Jan 13 2017

RACE WEEKEND is finally here!!!

Jan 11 2017

Can't wait for this weekend.  I am feeling 100%. And I am the points leader for this series this weekend in the over 25/30 A.    It's going down.  Let hope I pull all the holeshots and can go 1-1-1-1.  For the weekend!

Jan 7 2017

Since leaving the hospital I am doing very well even off my walker and I have ridden a few times. Just posted pictures from new years weekend felt good on the bike. Albuquerque AX was this weekend want feeling quite ready so I decided to wait till round 2.   

But I am racing Tulie MX this coming weekend can't wait I should be solid by then.

Dec 21 2016

Well I just got out of the hospital this morning. Had a pretty bad accident trying to run testing laps and work on endurance some random guy pulled on the the track without looking when I was 5h wide on a straight away.   The bike sustained some damage all parts are ordered and hopefully will be ready for Albuquerque AX Jan 6 and 7th.    I hope my body will be ready to go as well .

Dec 15 2016

Am going to a Premium Prepped Practice at Motiarty MX this weekend for a Photo Shoot and ride there new track they built.  They are one of my Sponsors and always show support for my Sponors.   An update  to come with all my sponsors listed.  Once December is so I can announce my 2017 sponsor set ups.    Thanks everyone for supporting me !

Dec 11 2016

Killed it today on the 2017 yz 450.   Went 4 for 4 on holeshots and went 1-1-1-1 on motos in the Over 25/over 30 expert.   Brought home some cash; no crashes , no injuries.  And got the suspension perfect. 

Dec 10 2016

Today was the first day practice and testing the yz450.  I think I got the suspension dialed.   Hope I do well tomorrow.  Racing over 25/30 A.   Worked with some of the 85 riders I train and they  did amazing.

Dec 7 2016

I am so happy to inform all my sponsors I am finally 100%.   I cannot wait to race his weekend Over 25 and Over 30 A.   I am thoroughly enjoying my new sponsors and telling all my sponsors professionallly on and off the track.  Thanks for all your support.   Looking forward to start the new series in a few months Open A on my new 2017 yz450f