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Personal History

My names josh moffett and im 19.  I have been riding for three years hard.  I started when i was eleven and rode on in off since i did not have a dirt bike then.  I had a yz 125 for a year until i upgraded to my kx 250f.  My friends and i would ride and compete all the time at the desert.  I would practice just to roost those assholes when they talked shit.  That helped me get a lot better.  And its funny because the better i got, the more i loved to ride. 

Riding Goals

My goals are to start racing and making a career with something i love to do.  I am going to race my ass off in the next year and strive for progressive riding.  When i race it is more then competing with other people, even when i win.  I race for lap times and i disect where i can get faster.  For example if burms or whips are slowing me down, i emphasise my practice in those areas.  I want to get faster for myself.

Competitive Highlights

I am very competitive.  Mostly i am competitive with myself.  I know where my riding level is and i try to out perform it every time i ride.  That is what i think makes riding so fun, getting better every time i ride.  My friends can see me progressing at a very fast pace since i have been riding hard to get better.  The only way i will stop is when im the best, and if that doesn't happen then i wont stop riding.  Knowing that im in front kicking dirt in people's faces if fucking awsome.  It keeps me going.