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Personal History

I am a 13 year old who loves motocross and anything motorcycle.  I have been riding since I was four years old.  My first ride was a crf 50.  My first race was two years ago.  I rode in the 65 cc class and finished second on a KX 65 in our track championship.  I moved up to mini class (85cc) on my CRF 150r my first year I finished first in our track championship in the beginner class.  Last year I finished second in the mini class.  I am expecting good results this year as well.  The competition is tougher in the senior mini class.  I have attended a FCA camp and learned some great racing tips.  I continue to work hard every practice on bettering lap times, landing a jump, or running a whoops section faster.  I love practice and try to get to the track 2-3 times a week.  I believe perfect practice makes perfect.  I know perfection can never be achieved but, by striving to achieve perfection I can achieve excellence.  My dad is a motorcycle tech and I also try to learn troubleshooting and repair things from him.  When I am not at the track you will find me on the football field.  I play linebacker for my middle school team.    I am an all A & B student.  My parents say school comes first. I am a very polite yet, confident and competitive young man.  Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Riding Goals

I want to continue to grow as a rider and student.  I want to continue to improve my lap times and track knowledge.  Ride right behind the faster riders to learn from their lines, braking points, and body positions on the bike.  I want to be cosistent in the top 5 and make as many podium visits as possible.  I want to maintain my confidence and compete full race distance in non beginner class.  I want to be able to give my mechanic valuble information on improvements we can make to the bike with suspension and gearing. I want to have fun every moto and main. I want to improve one thing every race and practice. I want every rider and fan to know me as a fair, courteous, respectful, and competitive rider.  I want to make my parents and sponsors proud of the parent and citizen I am.

Competitive Highlights

My first year racing I was very consistent.  I continually found myself on the podium in the 65 class.  I finished second in our track championship.

My second year I stepped up to the Beginner Mini class (85cc) and did better than I expected for moving to a 4 stroke Honda.  I finished every race (one in a driving rain storm).  The season ended with a first place in our track championship

Second year on the 150 finished second in a new championship against some tough competition.  I had 2 crashes which hurt my overall finishes in two events.  I did get up and finish the races.