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Rider Updates

Aug 19 2012

Another pretty good day of racing.  Finished 5th overall at Hoosier Hilltoppers in the Kentuciana MX Championship.  Was in sight of the front guys.  Lost a little practice time due to football but, all in all a good day.  Looking forward to getting in some more practice before the next race.

Aug 13 2012

Good racing this weekend.  Rode hard and finished 4th overall.  Some crazy fast riders present (regional qualifiers for Loretta's).  Stayed in sight of front guys and a good lead on the riders behind me.  Half a gate of riders so decent rider turnout.  Want to give a special shout out to my sponsors who make all of this possible... AGV the AX-8 evo is sweet was pretty cool in the heat and super comfortable.  Gaerne best boot on the market, you guys keep my feet and ankles safe.  Twin air best filter out there not a speck of sand or dirt in the intake.  MXSponsor for providing a site where I can get noticed and sponsored by great companies.  Thanks to my Mom for always coming up with the funds to keep me riding.  Thanks to my dad for the quick fork seal change and suspension set up at the track.  Looking good in series points so far 2nd.  Hope to keep the momentum going for the remainder of the season.

Apr 7 2012

Looking forward to running opening weekend at Podium 1 Motoplex this coming weekend.  Going to get some good practice laps in before the weekend.

Apr 7 2012

Just finished up opening weekend at High Fly Mx park.  Some really fast riders there.  First place on Saturday.  Fourth place on Sunday.  Know what I need to work on in practice this week.  Thanks to High Fly track crew for great racing conditions.

Apr 7 2012

I want to give a special thanks to Team Gaerne for being a great sponsor this year.  The boots are great.  

Mar 27 2012

Getting some really good laps in during practice.  Really looking forward to a great year.

Dec 28 2011

Finished second over all in High Fly Championship for 2011.  Should have finished first but had a couple of rough rounds.  Riding hurt for one round.  Over all a great learning experience.  Looking forward to start of next season on the 150.

May 11 2011

 We got alot of rain here in Indiana the night before race day.  I got the hole shot in first moto.  I led the race flag to flag.  Track was wet but good traction.  While staging for moto 2 the skies opened up.  Raining had at the drop of the gate for moto 2.  Once again I got the holeshot.  Was nice to be out front away from the roost.  Track was like riding on ice.  Standing water in the turns.  Disaster struck!! Bike tried to swap ends as I was on the gas. Slow speed tip over.  Picked my bike up ,which was handle bar deep in the mud, got restarted.  Had to drive off the track then reenter.  Was in third after the incident.  Kept focused and stated on two wheels.  Finished the moto in third.  After a one - three finish ended up second over all.  Going to push hard over the next motos to get to top step of podium.