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Personal History


My name is Joslyn Ross and I am 7 years old. Here’s my story and how I began my motocross journey. 
When I was born, I weighed merely 4lbs 15oz and was 17 inches long. I was born four weeks early, but was a healthy little girl. However, when I was just three months old, tragically I was abused and suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome and a Traumatic Brain Injury. Fortunately, from the help of many doctors, physical/occupational therapists and the support of my mom, I am doing well and am healthy once again, although the brain damage will always be present.
At two years old, I first met the man I call my dad today. My dad really loves motocross and at just two and a half, he took me for a ride on his dirt bike and I was hooked ever since. For my 3rd birthday, my dad got me my first dirt bike, a Honda CRF50 (with training wheels). Due to the training wheels, I was unable to race on the track, but continued to practice. Once I gained enough balance to ride without training wheels, my parents bought me a PW50. Once on the PW50, my parents put me in my first race at Big Air Motocross in Newaygo, MI. I raced the wobbler class for a few races, but quickly advanced to the 50 trail class. I raced 50 trail for the remainder of that year, and the full year after that. This year, my parents bought me a KTM 50SX, and I currently race in the 50 JR/SR class. And the story continues...

Riding Goals

This year is my first year on a KTM 50SX. Up until this point, I have only raced the small tracks at the events I’ve attended. Currently, I am practicing to transition to the big track. My goal for this race season is to be able to gain enough speed and control to move to the big tracks and be able to compete at a higher level. 
Another goal I have set this year to get better corner speed and control so that I’m not losing time during my races. At home, I have a flat, figure eight style track, with deep corner ruts, to improve my stability and speed.