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Personal History

Personal History

that's about 4-5 years I have atv's, I did my first race at age 15 years, this has been very good but no one has encouraged me to continue, so I made a motocross track in front of my house to practice every day, then I made several race with my old atv.finaly, after much work, I managed to buy a yfz 450, better adapted for race.I raced with #32 but now i'm #44 for 2011.After i travel with my friends, I have lots of practice and racing since I started, I made very good race except one where I had problemes.Now I need sponsor to continue to perform ...


Jérémie Morissette #44


Riding Goals

For 2011,i would like to finish in the top 3 overall in the quadcross quebec championship...I'll make a 12 hours race(enduro) in la tuque city(my city)

my first goal it's to finish the season and to practice every day I can..

At the race,i'll represent my sponsor with sticker,poster,t-short...everything possible to make sure that the sponsor appreciate and that people notice them...


other resums!...........

Jérémie Morissette # 44 - Request for sponsorship Competitor: Jérémie Morissette Hometown: La Tuque,Québec Age:17 Class: semi-pro Race Quad/bike: 2007 yfz 450 Competition type: Cross Country, Endurance, motocross(mx) Current Series: quad cross Québec championship Accomplishments: always in the top 5, very often in the top 3,I got some first place too! Goals: To train seriously (lifting, exercising, riding.) Focus on races and being consistent. Represent my sponsors the best I can on and off track -win the 12 hours endurance of La Tuque and finish in the top 3 in 2011 I plan to represent my sponsors well on and off track. I will wear their merchandise such as caps, shirts, shoes, etc..I will place sticker and decals on transportation hauler, bike, and race equipment. I will also hang race banners in pit area. I will also list sponsors in event media such as newspaper, website point standings, and so on. Thank you very much for taking time to read my resume.

some results

look to my pics,image of my next race and results!!!

and on this site:

Riding Goals