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Personal History

My name is Julian, I am 8 years old. My dad is my pit crew, my mom is the brains and my baby brother is my biggest fan. When I am not riding, I am attending catechism at my church, playing yafl football, or wrestling depending on the season. I like to ride bikes with my family, skateboard and longboard with my dad, swimming,camping, fishing and watching WWE basically anything outdoors.

Instagram: jmoney_mac023

YouTube: Julz GutiMac

Riding Goals

I started to ride just for fun in June 2017. I found out there was going to be a race in my hometown and I told my parents I had to enter it. I only had a Honda crf 50 so I didnt do too good but I loved it anyway and decided this is what I want to do for life. I found out Eli Tomac grew up just an hour away from me and I told my parents, if he can go pro I know I can if I just pray and practice and know in my heart I can do it, I WILL. I'm just turning 7 so racing against the older kids makes me want to just go that much harder but next year I know I will get my time to shine.

Competitive Highlights

I finished 2nd in the 2019 Kicker ArenaCross National series