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Personal History

I was introduced to Motocross like most kids. My dad raced when he was a kid and as a passion he passed on to me. Motocross is something we do together as a family which keeps me close to my parents. I started racing two years ago locally winning most races I entered. For the 2011 season we decided to step up to the regional level by racing the Pacific Racing Organizations Pacific Northwest Championships. 2011 was definately a great year for me and my family, but also a learning experience in sacrifice and dedication. Even though my results were good and consistant I learned a lot and still have much more to learn. For 2013 I will once again race the P.R.O. NW National Series as well as a few local races and maybe Washougal MX Amatuer Days and Loretta Lynn Qualifiers.

Riding Goals

My goals for 2013 are to continue in the C or Jr. class and continue winning!! 2013 will definately be a learning year for sure, but I look forward to the competition and seeing how far I can take my racing. I will do my best to become a better athlete and student. Our primary focus will again be the P.R.O. NW National Series earning wins and ultimately another or a few Class Championships.

Competitive Highlights

A side from several wins. My highlights for 2012 were as follows:
1. 3rd in Points for the 250 C Class Championship in the P.R.O. NW National Series
2. Unlimited C Class Champion P.R.O. NW National Series
3. 2nd in Points for the 450 C Class Championship in the P.R.O. NW National Series
4. Learning more and more about myself and my ablities
5. Traveling with my family and friends around the Northwest and making great memories