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Personal History

My name is Justin Mangum I have been riding for ten years. I started racing in 2002 at age fifteen on a 1999 Yz 125. Prior to my racing career I began riding on a 1993 XR 80 that my parents got me for my tenth birthday, my parents are the main source of what got me into riding. As soon as I hopped onto that XR I was hooked from the start, you couldn't get me off of it. I would ride it everyday as soon as I got off the school bus. It was only until 2002 when I decided I wanted to start competing in races. I was a natural athlete when it came to racing and I still am to this day. I train regularly two times a week at local indoor tracks or outdoor tracks weather permitting. I am always looking for new ways to improve myself on getting faster and more consistent in motocross racing. I dedicate everything I do to race motocross. I work part time making minimum wage which is very tough paying for race fees and bike maintenance. My parents help me out alot with my racing costs, but there is only so much they can do. I get awesome grades in high school (3.0 GPA) A career path I will be taking after high school will be to take criminal justice in college to become a patrol officer. I will work hard to achieve that along with being a motocross racer.  I try my very hardest to do as many races as I possibly can to get my name out there and to show what I can offer as a racer.

Riding Goals

 I plan to maintain top 5 in the 125 junior class this 2008 season. I will be attending as many local and non local races as I possibly can this year. I will be racing in the 2008 Washougal national which is a very competitive race with alot of great riders. As soon as I am done with high school I will be training more than two days a week and will turn it into at least three or four days a week to help improve my competitive skill and riding endurance.

Competitive Highlights

2006 Pac west series. 2nd overall. 125 D

2006 Washougal National 3rd overall. 125 D

2007 Top Gun Shootout 3 day race. 6th overall. 125 C