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Personal History

Name: Justin Marlow
Date of Birth: 12/20/1990
Height: 5’8”
Occupation:  Papa’s Dairy
Experience Racing: 4 Seasons
Race Class 2010: Local Track just starting out.
Race Class 2011: Quad Novice
Race Class 2012:  Quad Amateur
Race Class 2013: Quad Expert
Race Class 2014: Quad Expert
Race Quad: 2009 KTM 450 SX

Series: District 3 CNYMRA

I have also ran two races at the Kicker arena cross in Albany NY at the Times Union Building. I have raced quad am in 2013 at the arena cross and placed 3rd and in 2013 i went back to run the pro class and made it to the main but did not finish because of getting landed on, but that does not stop me, It makes me push even harder for next time. I love the sport so much and hope to improve everyday! If you have any questions please feel free to Email me at I love this sport and hope to show podiums in 2015 for everyone that supports me! Thank You!


Riding Goals

My 2015 ridding goals for NEATV.

For the 2015 Race season Im looking to improve on many aspects of racing, as this year I will be going into the season with Two KTM Quads. I own a 09 450sx and just bought another KTM so i would not have to worry about break downs. My 2015 goal for this year is to ride safe and hope to put my Dasa built KTMs on the podium and have a great race season and support everyone that is by my side! I am also hopping to start out in B class but would like to move up to an A rider but being my 1st full season for neatv Im going to see how B goes for the 1st race.

Competitive Highlights

2011 Season In CNYMRA District 3 I accomplished 2nd Overall for the season In Quad Novice.

2012 Season In CNYMRA District 3 I accomplished 1st Overall for the season In Quad Am.

2013 Season In CNYMRA District 3 I accomplished 5th Overall for the season In Quad Expert.