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Personal History

i started riding when i was 3 years old. my 7 year old year i had one 3 national championships. but then i got hurt when i turned 8 leading the world mini grand prix in the super pee wee class. i broke my wrist and it took me months to come back. after that i was scared of getting hurt again. but then i got over it and started riding hard. by the time i was 10 i had gone through several more injuries but never gave up. i was still riding hard but didn't go to eney national races anymore. the nest year i went to the dodge ameuter national. i was suppost to go on 65's but i grew 3 inches in the weeks prior before the race. i had to race a 85 which i had just gotten a month before. i watched the 65 motos as kids i knew i could beat won. but i couldnt prove it. i didn't do so well becuase i wasnt comftorble on the bike. several national races later and i still havent gotten on the national podium yet. this years highlite is proably the 125cc dream race in washougal. i had just moved up to big bikes and i led the entire moto but got past on the last lap in the ameuter class. but the year is not over yet. i am training harder than ever becuase my speed is there. the last four nationals i was top 5 laptime speed. but couldnt get the start. i am running, roadbiking, swimming, weight lifting and everything else i can to get my self in shape. right know my gpa is 3.76 and i am in advaced classes exept for one class.

Riding Goals

this last year has not been the best of my season. i barely went to eney races compared to the past few years. my sponsor list is still full though. but this year im going to make some changes. i am going to end 2012 on a high note with the ameuter open in arizona. i am switching up this year for bikes moving to the four strokes. id like to get some top 5's at the arizona national mabye a win or two. then i plan on racing the texas nationals or the world mini's to start my 2013 year off. and get some top 5's there two. then id like to qualify for lorettas and ponca city and make a run for them. then end my year either at dodge ameuter national or the ameuter open.

Competitive Highlights

my highlites are two cmc 50cc 7-8 national championships. that are stock and mod. and then 7-9 50cc open championship. also ths year a top 10 at the world mini's in the 85cc 14-16 modified(i broke my foot at this race. and finished poorly in other classes). and then the 125 dream race 2nd place. other highlites are wining all my classes in two not one area qualifiers in 2011.and taking 2nd in my first big bike race ever.