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Personal History

Hi, my name is Kaden Koepke. I am 10 yrs old, and live in Orange County, Ca. I have been riding dirt bikes for 3 years, and just started racing January of 2019. Riding dirt bikes with my dad and little brother for fun on the weekends I realized that this was my passion and knew my dream was to be a professional racer. Finally, I am doing what I love! What's really cool is, my younger brother Kai is racing too, so I always have someone to go to the track with. So far this first year of racing I have had some really high points and some low points, but through it all I wouldn't change anything for these experiences. My parents are helping me make my dreams come true, they have dedicated everything for my brother and I. My dad sacrifices a lot for us. He always makes it happen. Since I live far from the tracks it's harder for me to get there with my dads job, but every Tuesday night and weekend he gets me there and is my mechanic and never complains. Im so thankful! There is nothing like the dirt bike family, I have met so many people and made so many new friends that have the same passion as me and I love it. One day I hope to be lining up at the gate for Supercross!

Riding Goals

My riding goals for this year was to be bumped out of first timer and starter in the two race series that I race. I have achieved that. Also, I need to work on my corners and whoops those are my struggles. My coach and I have been working hard on that and I feel like Im getting better. 

Competitive Highlights

My biggest highlight has been getting bumped up a class in both series of races I am doing.