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Personal History

A Chile Travelers Affidavit is essentially the legal paperwork you have to fill out ahead of entering Chile on your vacation. The legal documents are essential to verify information you have provided in your immigration documentation and to process your entrance into this country. This documentation could be a little hard to understand, so we're here to assist! To start with, a Chile Travelers Affidavit will pay for a few important issues. The very first thing it'll cover is when you're able to enter Chile.

The legal documents will change depending on which country you're entering. However, the majority of them follow a similar format, including the title of the person or company requesting the visa, their motive for entering the country, their address, reason for travel, and a telephone number. The records generally request proof of identity - either a government issued photo or an original government issued driver's license. Some also need evidence of residency (usually a copy of a birth certificate), a passport, or an International Airline boarding pass.

Along with providing all this information, the Chile Travelers Affidavit will need information regarding your employer and any previous visa(s) that you might have already obtained. The information regarding your employ