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Rider Updates

Aug 30 2010

226 IN2011

Aug 30 2010

Thank you for visiting my page along with any offered support!

Aug 30 2010

Aug 25 2008

a soon as I can I am picking up a 09' yzf and plan on runnin the haspin series in march.  I am in better shape then when I raced nearly 2 years ago due to better time management from getting a little older

Mar 10 2006

The bike and myself are ready for the first race at Haspin Acres it looks to be a mud race for this year. I am praying I get a decent start and ride a steady pace in the mud. Hopefully I get a decent finish considering anything can happen in the mud.

Jan 4 2006

Nov 8 2005

I am very happy to announce that Race Tech will be sponsoring my 2006 effort. Thankyou Race Tech!

Nov 7 2005

Two days ago I signed and sent my contracts to Vortex along with FMF Racing. Thankyou I say to you both I will gladly boast your products on my new CRF.

Nov 6 2005

Today I recieved my brand new CRF250R, I plan on the breakin process very soon.