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Rider Updates

Dec 25 2012

In February we are planning on going down to n.c. For a LLQ in Elizabeth city. Can't wait!!!

Dec 6 2012

At Broome state championships I "sprained" my ankle so we thought. I went to the dr. The other day for a totally different reason. She wanted to see how my ankle was doing from an earlier water ski accident. So I showed her. She was very concerned because it was all swelled up and it looked like old bruising. So we went the next morning to get X-rays and blood work(needles are so not my thing!). My mom is a nurse so she knows a little about X-rays, and she was in the room when they took them. And I know nothing about reading X-rays but I could deffinately Tell that I had broken my ankle. But it was an old brake so it had started to heal. We had to follow up with orthopedics. The orthopedic said that I may need surgery but the surgeon was not in to talk with. So again we went back. I needed more X-rays and a ct scan. I really don't like needles, so I was freaking out about surgery. We got to the orthopedics again and talked with the surgeon and I don't need surgery! But I will have to follow up again in 6 months. 1 month after racing starts, so hopefully everything goes well and nothing will keep me from racing next season. So all in all I walked off a broken ankle.

Oct 16 2012

The track at ak farms was awesome!! I hate the mud and it rain at my house a lot. But we got to the track and it rained for about a half hour and then practice started and the track was bone dry! 

Oct 7 2012

We just got back from echo valley. A very good day, the track was awesome! Got 6-6 and ended up 5th overall! 

Oct 6 2012

Memorial Day weekend I broke my collarbone and was out for a while. But got right back on the bike a week early. This past weekend I sprained my ankle in the second Moto but got back on the bike the next day and got 6th it hurt but you gotta do what you gotta do!  Mud racing tomorrow at echo valley so pumped!!