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Rider Updates

Jul 27 2016

Moved onto 65 full time. Such a better ride and doing alot better on it! Cant wait to hit Qualifiers on 65's.

Jun 1 2016

Regionals are a few days away! Got some good seat time on the bike over the holiday weekend and feeling a little better going into this week. Same with my lil Bro. He could make it to Lorettas on 50 Jr!!

May 2 2016

Started PT for the next month to get ready for Regionals! Now I need more seat time and personal training on the bike!!!!!!!!

May 2 2016

I had a rough start of the year for Lorettas area qualifier, finished 15 out of almost 30.  Redeemed myself a little this last weekend. Went down in first moto and couple kids ran into me and knocked me down a couple more times trying to get bike back up. 2nd moto was better but made a mistake and ended up qualifying 7th out of 27. My little brother qualified as well in 50 JR class with a qualifying position of 2nd out of 7. Time to train for regionals.

Feb 16 2016

Went down to Alabama and rode some Monster Mountain MX. Place was a blast and rode hard there. Loved the track and people!  We will be going there more often over winter months.

Jan 24 2016

Finished strong in our season up North! Went to Ohio for some indoor seat time and just got back from Monster Mountain down in Alabama!  Working on getting in shape and ready for Loretta qualifiers here soon!!

Nov 23 2015

I ended up the Champion of the GLMX Mideast Series out of the Greatlakes region.  I ended up 5th out of the GLMX Mafia Series for thr first half of summer. Not to bad for being over 60-70 kids. Ended up riding the 65 a bit at end of summer and trying to get my endurance up.

Sep 28 2015

I missed a gate drop and was 3/4 lap behind at soaring eagle race. I ended up in overall 2nd in Michigan State Championship series! Back on the 65 again after a month and a half.

Aug 31 2015

RCH Soaring Eagle Edge of Summer was a blast.  Finished 4th on Saturday and rode in the slickest conditions yet!!  Sunday first moto I missed my gate drop and didnt get out til almost a lap behind.  Finished 4th 2nd race and overall 6th.  Got to meet Carmichael and Roczen and Tickle again!!

Aug 4 2015

I have been gaining experience and working my way up the positions in recent races!  Also my dad just got me a Ktm 65 and was able to take off first try and out on track within 10 minutes.  Next day i was clearing doubles and tabletops and shifting through corners.  Cant wait to finish off 50Sr class strong and go right into 65 with experience under my belt.

Jul 13 2015

I went to a strange unknown track that my friends race at all the time. I finsihed 3rd on Sat and talked my dad into staying for sunday! I felt great in the morning and ended up with 1st both motos!  Exciting point in my riding season!