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Personal History

I have been riding for over thirty years and racing for 16 years.  My riding now is stronger than ever.  I recently went to a Shane Watts riding clinic and have enjoyed applying new techniques.  After 3 years of NMA class championships I have moved up to A class in the enduro series.  It has definately been a learning curve and a challenge.  The A loop events take a lot of endurance and mental focus.  My first goal has been to finish, with the second goal of working on my speed.

I am a degreed mechanical engineer and successful business manager with a passion for off-road racing.  I take my role as a support rider seriously and present a professional image at the races.   I promote sponsor products on KTMtalk as a life member, at the races, and to other local riding club members.  I also provide product feedback to my sponsors. 


Riding Goals

Most importantly I want to have fun at the races and stay healthy.  Beyond that I want to have the speed and endurance to run with the leaders in my class and consistently be on the podium with numerous class wins.  This year I am running the NMA Enduro series and select events in the NMA off-road series.

Competitive Highlights


I have been riding for over thirty years and racing for 16 years so there has been a lot of highlights, (as well as a few low points with injuries along the way).

In 2005 and 2006 I made a serious run at the World Off Road Racing Championship (WORCS series).  I ended up with a 2nd place and 5th place in the nation for my respective classes, including numerous wins and podium finishes along the way.  I had a great time, met a lot of good people, and my speed increased singificantly.

In years past I have done some high profile invitational events such as four times to the Colorado 500 and a trip with Malcom Smith down the Baja on his invitational ride.  

The past three years I have focused on the NMA enduro series, which resulted in three series championships.  This year I am racing A class in the enduro series. 

Other racing career highlights include 1st place class finishes at some of the toughest AMA ISDE Qualifer races ever run.  Some of these extreme mud races are very memorable to say the least!  Over the years I have raced just about every type of offroad event, including Enduro, AMA Hare Scramble, AMA Hare and Hound, Best in the Desert, ISDE Qualifer, WORCS, MX, Grand Prix, 25 Hour, 12 hour, and Desert.  I like it all!