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Rider Updates

Jun 2 2016

I am racing the NMA Enduro Series this year and also some select long distance rides like the OBDR.

Aug 17 2013

I have been racing 40A in the NMA enduro Series this year.  The A-loop course has been fun and a challenge.

I am also doing a 2 week ride in the back country of Peru through the Andes and Amazon.  :)

May 22 2013

Raced 40B in the off road series this weekend. I had a blast at the Windmill HS.  This is the first HS I have raced in a while.  I was happy to make in on the box with a third place finish.

May 14 2013

Long course for round 2 of the NMA Enduro series right about 100 ground miles and 7 hours.  It was hot! 87 degrees makes for a long day in the woods.  Helping my riding partner fix a flat and siphon gas took me out of the speed chase.  However, I rode well and it was an accomplishment to finish the event and pick some series points.

May 11 2013

Racing 40+ A in the enduro series this year.  The long course on the first race of the year was grueling.  95 miles long and 6+ hours.  My goal was first to finish, then to ride well, followed by speed.  I succeeded in the first two goals.

Mar 26 2012

Dylan and I created a 2 man team for the 6 hour race at Goldendale.  Conditions were perfect and the race was a blast.  It was the most fun racing I have had in a long time.  The KTM and sponsor gear worked great!

Dec 29 2011

The NMA Enduro Series was awesome in 2011.  By some amazing twist of fate, we had good weather for all of the enduros this year.  Enduro racing in Washington without snow, flooding, hail, and monsoon rains is a real treat.  I wrapped up the 40+ B class overall championship and am looking forward to 2012.  I bought a new bike, have it set up well, and am working on being fit enough to be competitive in the A class.  Riding the long course next year will be something new.  See you at the races!

Oct 17 2011

I had a good ride at the Webfoot Enduro.  I took the class win and missed winning the overall short course by a couple of seconds!

Aug 16 2010

I have a large enough points lead in the NMA Enduro series to have wrapped up the championship before the last race for the Senior C class.  It has been a really fun series and the first time I have seriously raced enduros.

Aug 16 2010

WORCS week consisted of a GNCC style Hare Scramble, two motocross motos, and Endurocross, and a normal WORCS race.  I raced two classes, 450C and 40C, so that was a lot of racing.  I think I did a total of 9 races, plus a couple of practices, over 8 days.  Over those 9 races, I had 5 wins, and 4 second place finishes, which gave me a WORCS WEEK championship in both classes!  It was great fun, especially the motocross and endurocross which I have never really done before.

Aug 23 2009

I had a great weekend of racing at the WORCS race near Olympia.  I took 3rd place in 40C and 1st Place in 450C.  Sunday's race was a lot of fun.  The course was very tight and technical for a WORCS race, which played into my strengths.

Jun 13 2009

WORCS and AMA National Hare Scrambles came to Washington.  The rain made the track perfect, and I ended up with two great races.  I took the win in the 40C class Saturday, and 2nd Place in Open C on Sunday.  I was happy with my conditioning and speed.  My KTM 300 worked great in the sand and tight trees.  Special thanks to O'Neal, Choice Hotels, IMS, Scott, FMF, Acerbis, and BRP.

May 16 2009

This was a gnarly enduro, even though it was a sunny day.  The terrain at Walker Valley is just plain nasty.  Roots, rocks, bigger rocks, mud bogs, ledges, trees, brush, more rocks.  I can see why trials tires are popular here.  There is no soil, just tree roots and rocks.  This was a survival of the fittest run, where the majority of the riders were late most of the day.  I had no idea how I would finish, given I was late to numerous checks.  Luckily, I wasn't the only one, and finished 1st Senior C and 5-6 overall on the short course.  I am still sore but smiling...

May 2 2009

I was 6 place overall on the short course out of 117 riders.  I took the class win in Sr. C.

This was a very fun event.  After several days of huge rain, it was sunny for the race.  There was a lot of standing water, but traction was excellent.  PSER does a great job organizing the event.  The trails were excellent as were the speed averages and course layout.  I ran a trouble free event.  The KTM 300XC worked great.  I was glad I was on a 2-stroke for the tight woods in this event.


Dec 1 2008

I raced the Bare Foot Enduro in Stonyford, California in late November.  It was worth the 13 hour drive (each way) to trade mud and rain of the Northwest for California sun and dust.  The event was very well run and my first serious try at a timekeeping enduro.  I ended up taking 2nd place out of 53 in my class, so the effort was worthwhile.  The event was a lot of fun, and the riding in Northern California supreme.  I wanted to do some practice for next year's AMA Enduro series and this was the perfect venue.

Oct 27 2008

  • EWDRA Fall Hare Scrambles
  • Idaho City, AMA ISDE Qualifier
  • AMA National Enduro Wyoming
  • AMA National Enduro Montana
  • WORCS Pacfic Raceways
  • WORCS (2 rounds) Olympia
  • Various NMA Off Road events
  • The rest of the WORCS series as schedules allow