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Personal History

My name is Kelsteen Piper. I am 12 Years old. I have Been riding since i was 3.  I've had a passion for dirtbikes my whole life. I've tried many different sports and none of it compares to riding. Even though i'm only 12 years old, my dad has taught me how to maintain my bike by myself. Everyday after school i come home, do my homework, and then go out and work on my bike. I ride 2 to 3 times a week at local tracks. "I live to ride and ride to live."

Riding Goals

My goals for the year are to win some local races and qualify in some of the bigger nationals. Everyday i ride, my goal is to focus on one thing i need to improve on, to make my riding skills better. I hope by the end of this year i will be ready to move up to age group.

Competitive Highlights

The King of Spring, 2007 Hot summer Nights, and the triple crown series were raced on my Kx65.

The first series i raced was the King of Spring at Elsinore. I placed first at the end of the 8 race series.

I raced four rounds of the 2007 Hot summer Nights series. I placed 3rd in two rounds and 4th in two rounds.

I raced the Triple Crown series and came in fourth overll. I was 1 point away from 3rd overall.

I raced the CMC, Vet X, and currently racing the 2008 Hot summer nights series on my Yz85.

The first series i raced on my 85 was the CMC series. I raced 4 out of 5 races and came in 7th overall.

I raced the Vet X series and came in 5th overall.

I'm currently racing the 2008 Hot summer nights series at Perris Raceway. Round 1 i got 3rd in both motos. Round 2 i came in first in the 1st moto and a second in the 2nd moto and i'm currently in second place overall.