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Personal History

I’m from a small town and was born and raised here. Needless to say I’ve been raised outside fishing hunting biking and ofcourse dirt biking, I started off my love for dirtbiking when I bought a Kawasaki enduro, but by no time I was craving for more...higher performance more power and adrenaline! 

Riding Goals

My goal  In motocross is to keep improving on every ride and doing better every race!  And since I only started to actually race last year I feel like I’m doing alright with a few wins already, however this year is like to increase those wins and attend more competitions. 

Competitive Highlights

Some of my competitive high lights were getting to travel and race other tracks, but my actual race high lights were winning hole shots, and races. And because last year was my first year racing, to be winning hole shots was forsure the most exciting for me. then the races, my first moto was always rough for me in each class and it seemed like I could only grasp a top 5 position, but always in the second moto I would climb up into the top three and would battle my way to the front. So my highlights were being able to keep up and compete with the other other racers and start making a name for myself out there