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Personal History

Hi I got myfirst bike at 2 years old a ttr 50 with training wheels. My dad built me a track at home and you couldnt keep me off of it. I raced my first race at Sandhill ranches hangover day marathon on a ktm mini adventure 3 days after I turned 5. (It was scary at first bit aftet a couple laps I was hooked.!) Soon after my dad bought me my first true race boke a 06 ktm pro jr. We raced a few races at sacramento raceway that year. The next season I was more than eager to race, I got a new king cobra for the sacramento series, I won my first ever race and finnished 3rd in points.That began it all, I have scince won many championships and races in the 50,65 and 85 classes.

Riding Goals

My goals are to allways improve my riding skills and to have fun with my friends and family. Im training hard to win the 85 jr class this year and trying to qualifiy for Loretta Lynn.

Competitive Highlights

2014 Pir 85 beg champion 2014 Clark county arenacross champion 9-11 beg and beg open