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Personal History

Hi!  My name is Kevin.  I'm 11 years old.  I've been riding dirt bike since I was 4 years old. I am getting ready to start my 5th season of racing.  I finished 10th in my class my first year after only 8 races, and 3rd in my class my second year.  My goal when I was 9 was to finish in the top 5 and I finished 4th in my 65cc class!  I was very excited for the 2013 season... I started racing my 2012 Suzuki RM 85 while I continued to improve on my 2012 KTM 65.  Unfortunately, on August 18th, I suffered a serious crash, but luckily, thanks to all of my amazing protective gear, only broke my right foot!  I was sidelined for 5 weeks so it could heal.  I was in the top 10 in both the 65 and 85 classes when that happened.  I wasn't able to make up places on the 85, but did manage to get back into 10th place on my 65 before the final race of the season.  For 2014 I will be focusing on the 85 Junior and 85 Open classes.  I LOVE motocross and so does my little brother!  This is going to be a great season!  We can't wait to get started!

Riding Goals

I am really focusing on my riding form and corner speed this year.  A lot of other kids are all about doing big jumps, but I know corner speed is more important!  I am hoping to finish in the top 10 in both the 85 Junior and 85 Open classes in the District 16.  My little brother is also racing and becoming more competative.  I try to help him as much as I can.  He is really starting to get fast!  I hope he can get a top 5 finish in the 50 Junior class this year so he can get a jacket like mine!

Competitive Highlights

I am a tough racer and always try my hardest. I am also a very safe rider and I respect all my competitors.

I have a lot of concern for my fellow racers. If anyone I know crashes during their race, I find them as soon as the race is over to see if they are alright!  

I'm also always looking for ways to get better. After practice you'll find me talking with my friends and even some of my favorite "older" riders, finding out what I can do to be faster.  I listen to their advice and try to apply it the next time I head out.