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Rider Updates

Aug 25 2009


Sep 9 2008

Well not much going on this year like there was suppose to be.  I would like to thank those that helped out.  The year is almost over and 2009 is coming.  I have had a lot of things change in my life and it has caused me to miss a lot of races that I would of liked to make.  Good news is that 2009 should be a little better and should have more time to compete and train.  I still have a dozen or so oppurtunities to race still this year and hope to make some of those races. 


Sep 23 2007

I have to say that I am so stoked today. I took my first overall first place today for the first time this year. It's been so hard to get a 1st place this year, and now I have it.
The first lap I started out 2nd and moved to 3rd for a bit and then when I found a spot to make the pass for 1st, I never looked back. I kept pushing myself to keep the lead and ride as hard as I could.
It felt so good to finish 1st that I must of called everyone.
I have to say that I look forward to running next weekend....