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Personal History

I recently moved to southwest Iowa to farm with my dad. I work more in spring and fall but I have summer and winters off. Farming allows me to travel and gives me a lot of time to ride... Its been great so far. I am getting familiar with my local motocross tracks and getting involved with regional hare scrambles. I plan on racing at least twice a month.

I started riding dirt bikes when I was 10. I took some time off when I went to college. I got a degree in graphic design and have been designing for the same company for 13 years. I was out watching some friends ride at a local track... one asked if i wanted to relive the thrill of my childhood. I jumped right on his YZ 250f and was hooked once again. That was 6 years ago... I've been riding as often as I can and working with a trainer to get in the best shape of my life.

Riding Goals

I train daily in the gym, I get on the track and trails as often as I can. I have a private track and trails I ride daily. I am ready for the upcoming race season. I am looking forward to racing this year with a lot more travel. Podiums are my focus and fully representing everyone that helps me achieve my goals! Thank you!

Recently I was approached by a few parents asking if I was willing to train some local kids that ride/race motocross. I thought it was an honor for them to think of me as someone they would trust to train their children, future racers. Being thatI live on a farm, I built a private track and started to train kids and adults on the joy of motocross. Safety will also be a big factor on how I train. I think this is a great opportunity for me to share what I have learned over the years.