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Personal History

Hi there, My name is Kevin M. Sampey II (aka Deuce). I'm in the 8th grade and attend Bayou Blue Middle School. I play the Alto sax and make A's and B's.

I ride a 2013 stock CRF150r, mod CRF150rb. Waiting for the 2015 CRF250r to come out in Sept.


Will after I pulled my MCL at the LL qualifiers that the beginning of the year. I have to rest up for a few months, then football started at school. I have been doing some training and a little racing local on the side. I also attended Matt Walkers MotoX Compound in Ga. I learned a lot from Matt. We have to cut the training short because of a tropical storm that was coming into Ga and Fl. If you haven't been to Matt's place then your need to attend. I plan on going back next year.

After my crash and pulling my MCL. I switched from the RM to CRF150rb. I feel better on the Honda and have been pushing myself to get where I need to be. I now have to 2013 150's. One is all stock and the other is modded out.

They are starting a AMA series in Louisiana next year that's called AMA Warrior Race Series to help out the wounded warriors. It's 7 rounds of racing in Louisiana and one track in Mississippi. I'm also planning on going to Mini O's at the end of the year.

Well, I made two rounds of the Warrior Series. Busted my shoulder in the second round then broke my left femur four days after the Dr. released me from my shoulder. I was practicing the weekend before the up coming Warrior series race. Now I'm out for the next 5 to 6 months.

Great news the Dr. released me after 5 months of recovery and rehab. Dr said leg looks great and I can go back being a kids again.


I would like to thank all my family for supporting me and my sponsors.

Riding Goals

To be the best that I can be.

Get better at my starts

Just have fun.

Competitive Highlights

 I raced all 6 rounds of the Mississippi Motocross Championship. My overall standing are 8th in 9-13 and 4th in 85 Open. We where not able to finish the last moto of Round 6 because of rain.