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Rider Updates

Mar 17 2014

Will back under doctors care again. Went to Area 751 to practice for the race coming up and ended up taking a little spill. Wasn't pushing it because the doctor just release me for my shoulder injure.

I hit a kicker on a double before one of the big tables at the track which cause me to kiss the ground. I broke my left femur and now have a rod with two screws in my leg. No sure right now how long I will be out. 

Mar 12 2014

Went to the final visit to the Dr. He said that everything is fine and I can go back to riding. Can't wait for practice this weekend and the race next weekend.

Feb 26 2014

Had an awesome practice Saturday. Dad said I was rolling. Was able to race age group and supermini because my dad found some nice small wheels.
First moto was Supermini. I had a great start and was running 6th till the last lap. Bike stalled mid track. I ended up finishing in 10th place out of 22.
First moto for age group I have not so great start and was last and finished in 9th place out of 13.

Line up at the gate for 2nd moto in Supermini. Was feeling good about this race until the gate drop. One of the riders on the left side on me came over and knock my bars which cause my bike to shot to the right. Next think I know I was on the ground holding my shoulder. I couldn't move my arm and my elbow. They put my arm in a sling and that was it for the day.

When to the doctor on Monday. I don't have to have surgery but I have to wear a sling for the next 5 to  weeks. I pulled my growth plate in my shoulder.

Looks like I will mess a few races of the series.

Feb 5 2014

Had a good practice Saturday before the race. Finished 16th our of 25 in the first moto with a bad start. I was about to go to the gate when it started raining and flooded the track. They cancelled the race and I was stuck with the first position from the first moto. Bummer.

Mar 24 2013

Raced 85 age group (9-11), 85 Open, and Supermini at Gravity Alley Extreme Park in Breaux Bridge. I placed 2nd in age group, 4th in open, and 5th in Supermini. I was running in 1st for my age group but washed out the front end on the last lap.

Feb 17 2013

Raced in the grand opening for Area 751. I placed 2nd in 85cc (9-11) and 6th in 85cc open. It was a great day of racing. Killed my practice bike the day before the race.

Feb 2 2013

  Had a awesome practice today at the track. Increased my time and was able to jump the new step up that has a hard left turn before it.


Dec 26 2012

   I raced all 6 rounds of the Mississippi Motocross Championship. My overall standing are 8th in 9-13 and 4th in 85 Open. We where not able to finish the last moto of Round 6 because of rain.

  It was a lot of fun racing in Mississippi and look forward to next year.

Oct 28 2012

It was a great weekend of racing at Golden Pines Mx.

Sep 18 2012

Well, I placed 8th out of 15 riders in both classes. I feel I did very well for this one. Lots of tables with step up and step downs. Very fast track until you sandy area. I was able to push my self on this track and clear some very nice tables.

Started raining for the second moto and they had to cancel the race. I was so forward to racing the second moto because I feel I will have maybe finished in the top 5.

I really like these Mississippi tracks over some of the flat tracks in Louisiana.

Ready for the third round. See you there.

Sep 9 2012

Started racing in the Mississippi Motocross Championship. First race was at Dirty Deeds MX. It's a awesome track with a mix of SX and MX. Didn't do as good as I wanted to but did my best. Race against some very good riders.

Next race is at Stone County MX. See you there.

Jul 16 2012

   Attended a week long training camp with Glenn Hebert at New Talent Generation Mx Racing School in Kentwood, La.

Jan 15 2012

Finished the first round of the Winter Series that runs in my area. Placed 6th in the first moto because of a bad start. Placed 4th in the second moto. Walked away with 4th place. Looking forward to the next 5 races.