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Personal History

Currently work for SLMX Motocross School in Southern California as a Moto Instructor and mechanic for Sean Lipanovich. UPDATED 11/19/21: Ever since I was a kid watching my dad ride I’ve wanted to get a bike for the longest time, my father on the other hand no so much after he had a pretty bad crash that made him rethink riding and raising kids. Then I got into a cool friend group that all that did was ride and it made me itch to get a bikes ever since then. For a year or two all I did was mention dirt bikes and try n get my dad to get me one with the help of my friends. Money has always been tight and still is but After a very very long time I got my first bike at age 16. That’s when it all started, my addiction to dirt bikes grew like no other, then came my first ride on a motocross track and it sent me head over heals, wanting to go far and make a name for myself. Couple years down the line, I rode track 3-4 days a week, almost every week for years until my first bad crash at milestone mx. That didn’t stop me, I just wanted to come back stronger, after 8 months off the bike I  got a new bike and got back to the grind. A year ago things got very tight on money n I knew I had to get a job, which I attained one as an apprentice electrician. The company ended up falling through but I had saved up enough, So I figured I’d get back into it and see where things went. And since then my drive and passion to push, had only grown not being on the bike.  all I want to do is ride and be better than the last time I rode. I’ve started mountain biking and cycling, working out and pushing myself to limits I didn’t know I had on the track. After racing the mammoth LCQ at pala, that gave me real sight on what it’s like to ride with real men and what it takes if I want to be on the podiums.  and I’ve always  wanted to become my own style of rider but be smarter and strategic in any way possible on the track when I’m up against someone. UPDATE: As a follow up update to this, MAMMOTH 2021 ended up not in my favor as I had a mishap that lead me not making it into the Main Event. Raced the Terra Firma race series and was sitting 2nd for the “championship” in 450C, a poor prepped track condition caused me to crash and miss the last Race in the series. Ready to get back at it and push myself for 2022 race season!. 

Sold both my practice 250 and race bike to accommodate bills and financial problems about 5-6 months ago. Worked my ass off for another bike and finally acquired a new 450 to race. I am back on a schedule,training, racing 3-4 days a week! Hopefully this fall and next year will finally hold some positives. I would be overwhelmed to run YOUR company and Promote it any which way possible! Money is tight but I have dreams to live and I cannot do it without your help.

Instagram is Kevin_T971

Riding Goals

Never stop loving and having fun with moto

Become an A class rider within the next year

keep injuries to a minimum and keep the focus to a max.

Ride a good schedule, and race every race locally

make a name for myself and meet as many people as possible!

Promote YOUR Company to the fullest and show your products off

Competitive Highlights

12 podiums, 8 wins in swap moto 450C last season

led the entire 450C LCQ mammoth after crashing in HEAT 1