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Personal History

I'm a 14 year old, who happens to have a huge passion for dirt bikes & the outdoors. My parents bought me a 4-wheeler to cruise around on when I was 3, then bumped me up to a little PW-50 when I was almost 5, been riding ever since. Started racing motocross March 2015, at Airway Motocross Park (love this track & its people.) I have learned, grown, & achieved some great goals this year that keeps a great big smile on my face, but I have bigger goals & accomplishments to keep reaching for, so I am going to keep working hard, learning, & growing. Luckily, I get to ride anytime, my backyard is my dirt bike playground & we have since added whoops, corners, & a figure eight to our motocross track. My family & I have got to meet some phenomenal people, boy, it's been an AWESOME ride!

Riding Goals

My goals are to sign up for some mototcross training classes to expand my knowledge and grow as a rider. Re-watch my set of, MX Racing videos. I will maintain my exercise workouts through the off season to keep up my physical endurance. I am going to practice, practice, and practice. My family and I want to travel in the 2016 motocross season and experience different tracks and opportunities. 

Competitive Highlights

March 28 & 29, 2015, Airway Motocross Park, Outdoor Series rounds 1 & 2. placed 1st both days in 85cc beginner.

May 17, 2015, PRO NW National MX Series Round 6, at Airway Motocross Park. 1st overall in 85cc beginner class.

May 30, 2015, Airway Motocross Park, Outdoor Series Round 7. 1st overall in 85cc -150fcc 13-15 OD.

September 12, 2015, Supercross Series Round 7. 1st overall in 85cc open (no supermini)