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Personal History

I have always loved motorcross and dirtbikes. My first bike was a PW 50 Yamaha when I was about four years old. I wanted to race ever since but because it can be a dangerous sport it was a little hard to convince everyone in the family that I would be OK. I had to settle with my dad teaching me how to start, jump,corner and keep it pinned on a small track we built at home.

For Christmas 2007 my grandparents promised me a new dirtbike. With alot of begging and some help from my dad they reluctantly got the 2008 KX 85 I wanted. We built a bigger track with table tops, whoops, doubles,  burms and rythme sections. For a year and a half my dad has been training me and I have learned so much. After seeing how I was able to ride and how bad I wanted to race my family finally agreed to let me practice on a real track. One week later my dad signed me up for the Emerald Coast Series which is a Tri-State event between Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Eveyone thought he was crazy entering me in a series for my first race but so far so good.

Riding Goals

I hope to finish the Emerald Coast Series in the top five in the 85 Beginner class. In the 85 12-15yr old class I hope to learn as much as I can from the faster riders and increase my speed as much as possible.

I have made several friends and hope to make alot more. It is easy to make new friends at the track because we all have alot in common.

I plan to try and gain some sponsorships to help in any way possible so I can enter as many series as my parents can handle.

Competitive Highlights

Well with only a few races under my belt my highlights are few. But I would have to say that my first race in Mossy Head at West Florida Motorcross was a learning experience. That weekend they combined the Gulf Coast Series with the Emerald Coast Series. There were 15 bikes on the starting gate in the 85 beginner class and alot of them were fast. My dad/coach and Kevin the track owner told me since it was my first race to just let everyone go at the gate, ride my own pace, and just finish the race in one piece. You know I listened, I was the third bike going into the first turn, jumped the first table top went to single the double and got landed on. Thats what dad said would happen if I couldn't keep pace with the faster riders. Luckily neither one of us was hurt too bad and after begging my dad to cancel EMS I went on to finish the race. I ended up 8th in points but I sure learned alot of respect for what my dad  and Kevin says. Lesson learned the hard way!