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Personal History

Hi my name is Kris Melick, I'm 38 years old married with 2 children. Just this spring our family joined the motocross world with thanks to our 5 year old son who showed great interest in it. We purchased him a PW50 and joined him into 50cc beginner class. Not wanting to be on the sidelines I also went and bought an older YZ250F and joined the +30C class. My first time throwing a leg over a bike in 20 years was May 18 for a scheduled motocross race. I was nervous to say the least that morning. I have been snowmobiling for years so I was able to shake off the nerves prior to gate drop. My first moto I rode stiff and unsure of myself. The transition from snowmobiling was challenging as they both are different beasts. By my second moto I was feeling more relaxed and was really enjoying it. At days end I had finished 15th and 9th with 13th overall. I was stoked on how well I had really done. As the season went on I continued to improve placing in the top 10 each weekend, with 4 podium finishes. My best finish was October 10th placing 1st overall in our class for a 6 hour Off Road, with this being done on my new KTM 450sxf I had just bought the night before. I was on cloud 9 and still pumped about that finish. My year end I placed 9th overall in points for Motocross, and 7th overall in Off Road. My son also was advancing well on his PW50 and at times was over riding it which was dangerous when he would get air. After looking around we updated him to a KTM 50sx. He was set back with the change but by the end of the season he was getting use to it. For next season my wife and daughter will be racing also making it a true mx family.

Riding Goals

For next season I have been moved up a class to +30B. My goal is to place again in the top 10 in points standings. At the end of the season I raced 2 weekends in +30B placing a 5th and 8th overall so I feel pretty good with my bump up.